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Make Money Online | Digital Business | Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Online | Digital Business | Affiliate Marketing

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Everyone wants to earn money but not everyone has that Lakshmi look, but now there are many opportunities to make money. Everyone works, they choose the work depending on the capacity and still earn. Some even do part time jobs as the requirements are high.

What's being said about part time jobs is also online, some of them make a lot of money online Do you think part time?

I mean, if you have a lot of money and you have time, you can earn full time, but investing full time without money is a little risky. If you are a beginner, it is best to do part time.

Here comes the topic “Make money online”. Let's see how many ways we can earn online.

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reseller
  • YouTuber
  • Freelancing
  • Online Teaching
  • Dropshipping
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing
  • Trading Domains
  • Guest Posting
  • Support Services
  • Data Entry
  • Selling Photos
  • Online Research Work
  • Online Surveys
  • Making Website/Themes


You can earn money through blogging, blogging means telling your viewers that your website is interesting on any topic you like.

Through this blog I am explaining the topic on Making money online to my blog viewers. If we get more viewers through the blog and ads like that of another company in that blog, the company will pay us money for giving us our website place.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing means that if you sell the products of any company through links, you will get a commission not for selling the product.Example : Amazon , Bigrock


It is said to earn money by reselling. reselling and affiliate marketing are somewhat the same, but in concept different sales the company fixes the price of a project in advance, while the reseller is said to sell with a small commission for the amount fixed by the company.

Wrestling is not a mistake, it is a legal process. Example: Meesho & glowroad.


You are the creator of the video and create a channel like this on YouTube by promoting the original content (video) in it. It's also like a blog but video promotion is called vlog. If your channel has a lot of subscribers youtube will monetize your channel (put ads in the middle of the videos and give money to the channel owner from the amount given by the company. Example: YouTube channel


Freelancer means working for a company or an individual without working under a manager or a boss, which means that a small company needs a candidate from java to write a small program for a few days, without paying a month's salary. Engaging a freelancer up to that program is called example: freelancer, elance

Online Teaching:

If you are a teacher or trainer then you can choose online classes using online meeting tools, this concept has been around since time immemorial but covid 19 has been introduced to everyone in India as well.


Drop shipping is a marketing concept. Drop shipping means you do not maintain stock anywhere but take the order and place the same product wherever it is available at a lower price.

Along with this concept I will post about some important money earning techniques elaborated in my previous posts.


You can earn money online by advertising any company or product or service. Example Suppose you want to design a good Ads, you  can tell your concept company and do advertising.

Digital Marketing:

My favorite subject is digital marketing, digital marketing for any startup company or entrepreneur and branding their company or himself. Doing SEO, SMM, Whatsapp marketing, Instagram Marketing, YouTube Marketing are all called digital marketing.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting or guest blogging ante Another blogger is supposed to post his articles to another blog. I wrote about guest blogging in my other blog.

Trading Domains:

Buying and selling domain names is another way to make money from home and requires very little investment or time.

You can buy domains at their registration price or at a lower price and trade them at a profit.

Support Services:

Giving technical assistance to a company without hiring an employee means supporting the company's service externally.

Data Entry:

If you can type fast on a computer, you will find similar data entry jobs, but if you give money and I will give you a job, understand that it is a fraud company.

Selling Photos & Videos:

If you are a good photographer, you can make money selling photos and videos. pixabay, and pixels are similar websites.

You can still earn money online by doing research and customizing websites. There are many opportunities online but, there are also many fraud companies, when you want to earn money online, work on whether the company is genuine or not.

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