Naughty Boys Vampires Crazy Girls Devils Busy Parents - Read - REQMAT BLOGSPOT
Naughty Boys Vampires Crazy Girls Devils Busy Parents - Read

Naughty Boys Vampires Crazy Girls Devils Busy Parents - Read

REQMAT BLOGSPOT - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy NRR

Now-a-days love and friendship is like? Is love means Oyo room like and that with hidden cameras and blackmail? And girl love is like use and throw? And parents like busy without knowing their children's activities?

Love and friendship in modern times are complex and multifaceted concepts that vary from person to person. While some people still view love as a romantic and passionate emotion, others see it as a deeper connection based on trust, respect, and companionship. Similarly, friendship can range from casual acquaintances to deep and meaningful connections.

it's true that some people may have negative experiences with love or friendship, such as feeling used or betrayed, but these are not necessarily representative of the majority. In fact, many people have positive experiences with love and friendship that enrich their lives and bring them happiness.

regarding your questions about love and friendship being like oyo rooms with hidden cameras and blackmail, or use and throw, these are extreme and negative perceptions that do not accurately reflect the reality of most relationships. While it's true that some people may have ulterior motives or behave in manipulative ways, these are not the norm. Most people enter into relationships with genuine intentions and a desire to build something meaningful.

similarly, while it's true that parents can sometimes be busy and disconnected from their children's activities, this is not necessarily a reflection of their love or care for their children. Many parents have demanding careers or other responsibilities that make it challenging to be constantly present for their children. However, most parents still prioritize their children's well-being and strive to be involved in their lives as much as possible.

in summary, while there are certainly negative aspects to love, friendship, and parenting in modern times, these are not necessarily representative of the majority of experiences. Most people strive to build positive and meaningful relationships based on trust, respect, and compassion.

Naughty Boys - Vampires

Please don’t do hidden cam(s) / outdoor (secret) love with any girl(s). Think about, if same like occurs to any of your family girls (especially sister) [or daughter].

Physical Love is not to be shared with friends.

Crazy Girls - Devils

Please don’t make room (s) / hotel (s) / empty cinema hall love with any boy. Think about your family members at that moment (especially parents, remember; how they are working hard for you?).

Busy Parents

Talk friendly (frankly) with daughters about true infatuations, real love, etc.

  • Boys: Please see the heart, not the body and don't play with emotions.
  • Girls: Please think about family; don't show any private; and don't have anything fast.
  • Parents: Kindly keep an eye on your children and their activities. Please talk friendly and share everything openly about-what to do and what not to do.

Share with your family and/or friends