Few Android Money Earning Apps for Women [Miscellaneous] - REQMAT BLOGSPOT
Few Android Money Earning Apps for Women [Miscellaneous]

Few Android Money Earning Apps for Women [Miscellaneous]

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Few Android Money Earning Apps for Women


Suppose you have to share and resell the products in this app Money will come into your account in. Many people are already earning on this app.


This is a social networking website for women. Find and share details on career, cooking, relationships, health, lifestyle and career advancement.


Wonk is an android app that is the largest online home tutoring booking app in India offering its services in India and globally and on 5 other continents.

Google opinion rewards

The android app “google opinion rewards” created by the Google survey team. With this app you can earn money by giving quick answers to surveys.


Loco app is a popular live game streaming platform made in India for the gaming community. It is said that one can earn money by watching and playing games.


Rozdhan means their money day in Hindi through playing games .. reading news by earning… wallet cash through this app.


Earnkaro is an easy money making android app that allows you to become an affiliate marketer for any online retailer with this app.


The userfeel app is used to test and record users' usage.

Current Rewards

Earn cash by playing games & get paid to listen to music. Earn… cash prizes for your daily habits with the android app Current Rewards.

Download some of the android apps mentioned above. Start making more money ..

Here are some ways to promote your business online without spending a single penny:

Local Listings

Registering your business in Google Places will help you find it more easily in Google Search. And your business place will also appear in Google Maps‌ (google maps). All you have to do is register with Google and verify your business through their confirmation process, which can be done by phone call or e-mail. You can also register your business on Yahoo just like Google. It's also free and only takes a few minutes to set up. Microsoft's Bing also offers similar services, which are also very easy to sign up for.

Get used to social media

Social media is no longer a time-passing tool — it has now become an important platform that every business needs. 

  • You can place ads and offers on your Facebook page 
  • You can connect directly with your customers on Twitter. 
  • You can embed your personal and company details in networking on LinkedIn 

Another way to help your startup.

Start a blog

A blog is a way for your company to not only be branding your company through single followers and indirectly helping, but also to connect more directly to your customers. But the main feature of blogging is to update as often as you can. You grow new subscribers from time to time. Update useful information about your merchant on your blog. 

YouTube channel 

Create a YouTube channel and promote your business through it. Provide details about the services provided by your business in the form of a video to the subscribers who follow you. ( Subscribe to my YouTube channel ) 

Turn your company website into a SEO-friendly one. 

Through SEO your business adds a single website link to put you on the front page of the Google search page. This will help you to reach a new audience quickly. It will be useful for your company branding. 

Press releases

About your business, every time you introduce something new to the newspaper. A press release should be given - maybe people will have a chance to see it. Your business needs to submit a single article to the press release website. 

Join and collaborate with the relevant online community

There are many online communities and forums related to your business that you should join. Must join Face Book Groups.

What is a task mate? 

Taskmate is a beta application, a beta application made by Google called beta. This means that the word "beta" is used to find out if there are any bugs in the application and how it works.

Doing small and varied, simple tasks related to any business around the world. For example taking a photo of a restaurant near you. Or answering questions related to a survey, or translating an English sentence into Telugu.

How does an app called Task Mate actually work?

Task mate can be easily downloaded from the google play store. It works on Android and Apple phones. It is supposed to give payments in the form of rewards.

Google pays only in local currency which means in dollars if you are in USA, in rupees if you are in India. This means we can convert it into cache via e wallet.

How to install Task Mate?

  • Install and open the app.
  • Enter your email ID and continue, then click Get started 
  • Set the app language (can be changed again). 
  • You have to enter the referral code here to complete the registration process. 

It only works if there is an Invitation Code or referral code at the moment and Google is releasing only a few codes as it is still running in developer mode, so I take a break, wanting the full version to be released soon that will be useful to everyone. 

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