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Necessary Products for YouTube Starters / Channel People

Necessary Products for YouTube Starters / Channel People

REQMAT BLOGSPOT - Nareddula Rajeev Reddy NRR

What products do I still need to take? These are the compulsory products that every YouTube Beginner should take

  • Camera / Mobile 
  • Tripod 
  • Mike 

Camera / Mobile 

Mobiles for Video making

If you are a professional video maker use cameras in compulsory… DSLR range .. Clarity comes in super. Look for a good DSLR camera through this, when looking for products on Amazon / Flipkart / other.

  • Take a look at the following Buy ( DSLR Cameras )
  • Product rating 
  • Product Realtime Reviews 
  • Product Comparison (Similar products)
  • Product ( Technical / Physical ) Specifications 
  • Google Search 
  • fulfill your Need (does that product work for you or not)
  • DSLR cameras for YouTube Videos with clarity


Compulsory product for new YouTube users "Tripod"

What does the tripod I want look like?

  • lightweight Tripod 
  • Reasonable price 

How to set videos in all angles 

Also fixable on outdoors 

It's like standing up and shooting videos


In video making… how important it is to shoot videos… to match it sound and background music are just as important. Every word you speak..should easily be heard by our subscribers who watch videos .. without background… disturbance, 

Better if you use an external mic for this 

Two types in the mic 

  • wired
  • Bluetooth

Wired Mic

With the wire then make sure it has the length you want 

Make videos without moving 

And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. 

However, if your budget can afford the same .. 

You can take wired. 

You can get wired if doing indoor shooting. 

Bluetooth Mic

This means that you need to be able to work professionally without disturbance… indoors or outdoors. It is better that you select external Bluetooth mic.

The following guidelines will definitely help you to grow as a Successful YouTuber.

  • Follow your passion (Passion / Interest) 
  • You .. Promote yourself .. as a brand 
  • Pre-select what kind of audience you are targeting. 
  • Create a channel by selecting the topic that you will confidently grow the channel. 
  • Plan your content and script in advance. 
  • Practice good SEO
  • Post videos regularly
  • Invest in the equipment you want to make in your recording and video. 
  • Communicate with Viewers, reply to Comments. 
  • Learn from YouTube Analytics… See where else to improve
  • Promote your channel on other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc).
  • Keep your videos trending from time to time.
  • Monetize your channel when it has 1000 subscribers.
  • The more subscribers, the more likely you are to subscribe to your channel.
  • Views… likes Comments, Subscribers, Learn that the YouTube channel is the Success Mantra.

Follow these guidelines to become a successful YouTuber.

Benefits of YouTube

Now let’s go into YouTube and look at the pros and cons.

YouTube is a lot of fun.

The first positive I can say is that YouTube is a lot of fun. You can enjoy it and learn about video, learn about cameras, learn about lights, you will also learn skills like never before. And you will also learn about the skill of communication, which is very powerful to be successful in all aspects of life.

YouTube is a marketing machine

The second big positive is that YouTube is a huge search engine, so the algorithm in YouTube does the job of promoting all your videos. No need to spend any time promoting your videos. All we have to do is create videos. Once the video recording is done, you need to edit them (Kinemaster / Wondershare).

You can't promote a blog so easily because the blog is self-hosted to promote your content.

This is a great platform to get an audience

This is a great way to build an audience and build that confidence. People know you because they can hear you talking. They can see your ingenuity, they can confirm your emotions, they know if you are copying it or not. That’s why I like making videos on YouTube, you can and other people can watch it. So you can make an impact… Make an impact on people's lives because they can hear you, feel you and they can assess your authenticity. They like you and can trust you very quickly on YouTube.

But keep in mind that blogs and YouTube have their strengths and weaknesses. So it's definitely positive for YouTube.

You can pay well

Another positive is that you can make good money on YouTube. So YouTube clearly pays for the ads that appear on your videos. And ads on YouTube pay a lot more than YouTube ads. You can make money on YouTube in a variety of ways beyond just advertising. You can sell as a supplement to other people's products or you can sell your own digital products - whether it is an online course or an e-book. You can sell a lot more things through YouTube because people know you, they like you and they trust you. Chances are they will buy from you (Influencer) because they saw you on YouTube.

Negatives of YouTube

 Okay, let’s go over the negatives of YouTube because there are so many of these.

Editing takes time

This is a very important bit, editing takes a lot of time. So be aware that editing is an important part when you are doing YouTube. 

Follow the following process while editing

  • You have to plan yourself
  • Then you go and research the idea to find out why you believe the video works well.
  • You collect data on why this idea works so well. 
  • Then you create the content.
  • Content can be edited by you or someone you know
  • Then you act like a little admin to upload content on YouTube
  • Add tags.

Once that is done, YouTube will promote the content on your behalf.

Yes, it's yours and your name is on it and you got your beautiful pictures and videos on it. But when you read youtube policy you will understand this thing. You only have content on YouTube, which means that if you want your videos, you can download them and take them to another platform. YouTube or Google, they can shut down your channel at any time. They can also delete your YouTube channel if they wish, So if you have your own blog then you have complete control over the blog.

YouTube Contest

The last downside is the competition on YouTube, but blogging is not as competitive. On YouTube it is very important to focus on quality, focus on value, focus on being standard, focus on being consistent. Based on those four elements, you will stand out in front of an audience on YouTube, along with key elements such as creating interesting content.

  • People will find your content (Content Topics), 
  • They like it, 
  • They trust you (Trust) and 
  • They get membership (Channel Subscription).

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